Close in Jersey

Who am I? What am I trying to do? 

"I am Richard Close, I photograph things" but it's a bit more complicated than that.  With my images I want you to see things from a different perspective - buildings, objects, colour, light and shade, almost anything in fact - as I see them. My images are not manipulated, there is no photoshop trickery, they are images of things as they are, just seen differently. The camera lets me record this and let's you see that.

[I grew up in Canterbury in Kent and moved here, to Jersey, in 2003. I worked in Information Technology but] always had a camera to hand and photographed everything around me.  As I did this I found myself fascinated by the details in some of these images, how the way the light falls changes the shape, the colour or the texture of a subject and it is this that I focus on. I am a keen traveller and my images are inspired by what I see in different places and, above all, by the different light conditions in different places.

Where can you see my work?

I have exhibited my images in Kent and in Jersey. I have also done freelance work for Jersey Tourism and local companies. And, of course, on this website.  Please do look a little further.

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